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WW2 German Army Feldgendarmerie Gorget w/ Chain - Repro

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Full Specifications

The top replica of the WH Feldgendarmerie gorgette, or a half-moon-shaped field badge that hung on the neck. The product is characterized by precise processing to the smallest detail, including texture, eagle and cover with luminescent color.

  • complete w/ chain;
  • made in Czech Republic;
  • WW2 German Army Feldgendarmerie units;
  • weight: 234g;
  • luminescent color.



These goods are intended exclusively for film and theatrical purposes. for the needs of military history clubs and collectors.
This product is not used to promote extremist groups and ideologies that lead to the suppression of human rights and freedoms.

From extremist groups and ideas of any direction with we are disassociate ourselves.

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