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Tactical Individual Czech Army First Aid Pouch

Manufacturer: Fenix Protector

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Full Specifications

Pouch is designated for combat emergency first aid kit equipment. There is a pocket for surgical gloves on outer side of the pouch. On the flap is piece of Velcro for name tag or other identification tags. After opening it is possible to spread the pouch completely for better access to stored items. There are pockets for flat material at front and rear side, which are accessible after complete opening. There are loops from elastic straps to connect bandage, nose flange and other equipment. Elastic cord loops enable positioning of a tourniquet atop outside.

Pouch was designed in cooperation with operators of 601stSpecial Forces Group of Czech armed forces, stationed in Prostejov.

Pouch is connected to webbing by straps that are secured into TG triglide buckles.

Technical specifications

Dimensions: 40x130x170 mm

Weight: 155 g

Material: 100% PAD

Colour: Camo pattern vz.95

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