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Tactical Battle 6 Pocket Waist Belt - Black

Manufacturer: MFH®

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Full Specifications

  • belt adjustable up to 110 cm;
  • with stable fastener;
  • pouch (ca. 16x12 cm) with zip and two patch;
  • pockets; small pouch (ca. 5x9 cm) with velcro and;
  • compression band;
  • large pouch (ca. 9x12,5 cm) with additional mesh;
  • pocket and click closure;
  • one pouch with zip (ca. 7x12 cm) ;
  • one pouch with click closure (ca. 7x12 cm);
  • one pocket on the belt right (ca. 15x5cm) with zip;
  • three loops;
  • on D-ring on the left side .

100% polyester


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