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SOLINGEN BÖKER® MAGNUM - USN Navy Seals Pocket Tactical Rescue Knife

Manufacturer: BÖKER®

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Full Specifications

This functional Rescue Knife is dedicated to the world-famous special force of the Navy Seals. The black coated aluminum handle carries an emblem with the crest of this special unit. The 440 stainless steel blade is locked by a linerlock mechanism. The drillings give the blade a very attractive touch and reduce the weight. Includes a glass breaker at the handle end and a belt cutter. These features make the knife a perfect piece of your emergency equipment. Comes with convenient pocket clip.


  • Blade: 440A Steel;
  • Hilt: Aluminum;
  • Blade length: 8 cm;
  • Total length: 20 cm;
  • Weight: 116 g;
  • item number: 01MB856;
  • factory new with metal case.

Handle material info:

Aluminum is a soft and tough metal, it is very light and at the same time has a high strength. The metal is also recyclable.

It has been extracted for about 200 years, initially it was more expensive than gold. Through improved methods, prices have declined over the years, as aluminum is the third most abundant element on earth and the most common metal in the earth's crust. It usually appears to us as matte and silvery, but the surface of the metal is actually silvery-white glossy. However, since aluminum reacts with oxygen, a thin aluminum oxide layer is formed. This results in the matte appearance.

Aluminum is very popular in many branches of industry due to its specific strength (and at the same time low volume). Thus it is used especially where a small mass is important. A lot of aluminum is used in the aerospace industry, as well as in the automotive industry.


Blade info:

440A Steel;

Origin: USA;

Carbon %: 0.6-0.75;

Chrome %: 16-18;

Molybdenum %: 0.75;

Rockwell %: 56.





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