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MIDLAND® Military BOW-M EVO Headset Double Audio System - Midland 2 PIN

Manufacturer: MIDLAND®

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A very popular military style  headset for Air soft/Paintball etc, An original accessory from Midland and  successor to the popular Bow -M Tactical. The Midland Bow - M EVO is very  comfortable and safe and the gooseneck microphone ensures good communication and  the sound tube with in-ear-bud sits well and firmly in the ear.




  • Double angled plug for Midland /  Albrecht devices

  • Sound tube with earplugs for good  hearing in noisy environments or built-in speaker in the earpiece to users who are  reluctant to use the earplugs

  • Toggling between the two types of  mini speaker switch on the external ear.

  • Robust microphone, flexible, now  also easily convertible for left or right stretcher way long, sturdy spiral cable

  • Large PTT button with removable  Velcro Clip

  • Ideal for Air soft & Paintball  games or for professional soldier

  • Compatible with Midland G5XT, G6,  G7XT , G7 Pro, G8 , G8E BT, G9 etc.

  • Not compatible with Midland  devices with Kenwood assignment (eg. G10 / G11 / G14 )

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