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Expandable Police baton 23″ / 600 mm, HARDENED – BLACK surface

Manufacturer: ESP

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Product no.: 0556-23
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Full Specifications

Expandable baton in hardened version for professional use has a top qualitytenacious rubber grip with an original anti-slip surface. This surface expressively decreases any possibility of the baton being yanked from the hand. A firm grasp of the baton gives the user a comfortable certitude.

The expandable tubes of hardened batons are made from a more superior material, which is hardened by heat treatment. Thanks to this the baton is highly resistant to a flexion if it is exposed to a hard stroke. The hardened baton is intended for professional use by police and other authorities!

The price includes SWIVELLING plastic holder

Made in Czech Republic - Real Professinal Baton for police or security work.



  • length (expanded): 23″ /  585 mm
    length tolerance: -0,6″ (-15,2 mm)  /  +0,4″ (+10,1 mm)
  • length (closed): 9″ /  230 mm
  • weight: 500 g

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