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Clawgear® AKSU / AKS-74U High Quality SOF Muzzle Brake Compensator

Manufacturer: Clawgear®

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Full Specifications

Claw Gear‘s modular firearms accessories products are designed to increase weapon performance and accuracy. Due to it‘s outstanding materials construction, this rugged and high quality Austrian made item will serve you in any situation.

The SOF Compensator is a highly effective muzzle device designed to combine two Characteristics/Features. Reduce recoil and muzzle rise in a well-balanced mix.

Breacher Spikes
These sharp and hardened steel spikes allow the user to destroy barriers in CQB situations.

Mounting Notches
Six mounting grooves allow the compensator to fit on any AKSU based weapon system.

Expansion Chamber
The construction guides the exhaust gases in optimal direction to reduce recoil and muzzle flip.

Compatibility: AKS-74U, Krinkov AKSU and all variants based on these models with 24x1,5 muzzle thread

Installation: Dismount existing muzzle devices and clean the thread surface. After applying a drop of oil on the thread, screw the compensator counterclockwise on the barrel and push the locking pin on the front sight base completely flat. Screw the compensator tight and release the locking pin into the next mounting notch available. Before using a silencer make sure the compensator is not moving at all.

Thread: M24x1.5 CW
Weight: 100 g
Shipping weight: 150 g

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