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CZUB® CZ 4M® Professional Army One Day Patrol ODT 25 Backpack CZ Army Camo M95

Manufacturer: CZUB® CZ 4M®

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The ODT 25 tactical backpack is designed for one-day patrols, short-term offensive operations or for everyday wear in civilian life. It offers a well-designed back, which together with excellent shoulder straps can handle a payload of up to 20 kg. The back part ensures an even distribution of the backpack's weight over the entire area of ​​the back and shoulders. At the same time, thanks to the vertical tubular design, it ensures ventilation and moisture removal.

The main pocket is accessible through the so-called Half-Full Open opening, which on one side allows full access to the chamber, on the other hand, thanks to the shortened zipper, ensures that the stored material does not fall out uncontrollably when the backpack is fully opened. A waterproof zipper is a matter of course.

The front and main compartments of the backpack are complemented by small inner pockets for small items, documents, etc. Between the entrance to the main and front compartments, there is a small handy pocket for immediate use.

The possibility of fitting additional external equipment is solved as a classic 4M variant, where on the front side the backpack is equipped with a cut MOLLE binding for attaching lighter and smaller cases such as magazines, etc. On the sides and larger objects. In addition, the backpack is complemented by compression side straps with plastic buckles with MIL-SPEC resistance

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