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CZ Scorpion Evo 3 / PDW Tactical Transport Bag

Manufacturer: Fenix Protector ( CZUB )

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Product no.: 0042
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Full Specifications

The bag is designed to carry Scorpion EVO and PDW by CZUB. Design of bag allows its use not only as a container for a arms, but as a tactical bag for cases where the visible carrying not appropriate, but at the same time is required possibility of a rapid use. The bag keeps its shape even when the zipper is open - gun can be very rapidly accessed and prepared for extraction and use. This feature is valued at CP operations, etc.. It is made from a sandwich construction that ensures maximum strength and protection against damage of arms. It is very light and flexible. Inside is equipped with a loop for attaching arms and with two connectable handles for carrying and with shoulder strap. Inside the bag is a transparent pocket for documents, etc. to the gun. Outside the bag are pockets for spare magazines and pocket for other equipment like hearing protection.


Products parameters:
680 Length (mm), 300 Height (mm), 60 Width (mm), 1.39 Weight (kg)

Original CZUB Part - High Quality, made in Czech Republic.


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