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CZ BREN 2 Czech Army Battle Bayonet MK.1 New Model 2024

Manufacturer: CZ ( MIKOV )

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Full Specifications

The tactical bayonet MK.I (bayonet) from the company Mikov was created in cooperation with the CZUB and the AČR, specifically by the designer Major Roman Hippík, who is the author of the last few knives intended for military and police units. This knife is partially inspired by the UTON attack knife vz. 75. The similarity with this knife is, for example, that even with the MK.I, the saw and file can be inserted into the bayonet nut.

The knife blade is made of stainless steel 1.4034 with a thickness of 4.8 mm and a hardness of 58 HRc. The blade of the knife has a saber cut with a false edge converging to a central point. It is equipped with a DLC surface treatment. This surface treatment is characterized by high hardness, extreme sliding and abrasion resistance. In addition, it has a low light reflectance, which is below 4%, so there is no danger of disclosure due to the reflection of the blade.

The knife handle is made of very durable ZYTEL material. Its ergonomic shape helps to grip the knife correctly, and thanks to the roughening of the handle, the knife will work well even in poor conditions. The guard and the head of the knife is made of spring steel 1.8159 hardened to a hardness of 35-40 HRc. The guard is used for protection during close combat and at the same time prevents the hand from sliding towards the blade when working with the knife. Similar to the blade, DLC coating is also used here. You can use the head of the knife to attach accessories (saw and file) or to attach it to a weapon (Bren 2 with 14" barrel).

The knife comes with a kydex self-locking sheath for attachment to a belt with a maximum width of 5 cm or a molle attachment. The advantage of this case is the durability of the material used, easy maintenance, space for storing accessories.


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