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CZ Army Paratrooper Attack Knife UTON 75 Black Edition - MIKOV

Manufacturer: MIKOV

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Full Specifications

  • legendary high quality attack knife;
  • made in Czech Republic;
  • factory new;
  • manufacturer: worldwide famous knifes manufacturer MIKOV with tradition since 1955;
  • attack UTON knife is produced in an unchanged form since 1974 until today;
  • this knife are used special airborne (paratrooper) and scouting units of Czechoslovakian army (Communist Era) and at present the modern Czech armed forces;
  • this knife is specially designed to survive under the most difficult combat conditions;
  • It is specially designed for close combat. For disposal silent enemy. Part of the knife is a special lanyard, which is slang called (strangling lanyard);
  • lanyard is multipurpose. For airborne troops used to prevent the loss of a knife  during a jump, when a soldier needs to cut the parachute.


Set contains everything what you see in the photo:


  • black leather sheath;
  • Uton knife Vz.75;
  • lanyard for ensuring saw and file;
  • saw and file.


Material of blade: carbon steel;
Material of handle: hard rubber;
Length of the product: 250 mm;
Blade length: 140 mm;
Blade width: 24 mm;
Weight of the product: 250 g.

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