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Bolle® Tactical Ballistic Military Safety Glasses 3 Lens Kit

Manufacturer: Bolle®

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Full Specifications

Glass: Clear (PSI), ESP, Smoke (PSF)

Durability: BT, STANAG 2920:
- Clear - V50: 824.4 km/h | 229 m/s
- ESP - V50: 856.8 km/h | 238 m/s
- Smoke - V50: 849.68 km/h | 236 m/s


  • Ballistic polycarbonate lens;
  • Panoramic field of vision;
  • Integrated lateral protection;
  • Comfort temples;
  • Adjustable strap;
  • Non-slip nose;
  • Anti-scratch, anti-fog coating.


Newest generation of ballistic spectacles adapted to all situations, STANAG 4296 and EN172 certified, COMBAT protective spectacles provide unique adaptability thanks to their easy-to-change mono-lenses in clear, smoke and ESP versions, and its dual temples/strap system (with or without foam).

Ballistic Resistance

Clear lens : V50 824.4 km/h | 229 m/s
Smoke lens : V50 849.6 km/h | 236 m/s
ESP lens : V50 856.8km/h | 238m/s

All lenses have the anti fog coating inside, to protect against evaporation. Outside there is the anti scratch coating, which prevents against minor damages and scratches.

Frame is made of lightweight and highly durable, impact-resistant polycarbonate. Non-slip, made of TPR rubber TIPGRIP inserts at nose and temples.


- Lenses: Clear (PSI), ESP, Smoke (PSF)
- Frame with TPR inserts
- Non-slip nose
- Nylon pouch with two-way zipper and two Velcro closed mounting straps
- Two microfibre bags for storing unused lenses
- Elastic strap for securing glasses against slipping and getting lost (width: 15mm, length: 280-570mm).



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